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Unlock the art of lash perfection with our exclusive 2-day Lash Extension Training at LUXE. Join us to delve into the world of lashes and elevate your skills:

  • Basic Understanding: Gain insights into lash extension fundamentals and learn about essential lash products.

  • Success in Lashes: Discover the secrets to a thriving career in lash extensions, unlocking the path to professional success.

  • Practical Expertise: Hone your skills through hands-on practice, transforming into a confident and proficient lash artist.

  • Flower Bouquet Fans: Master the technique of creating stunning flower bouquet lash fans, adding a touch of artistry to your craft.

  • Model Application: Put your skills into action by practicing on a model, ensuring a flawless application every time.

Embark on a journey to become a skilled lash artist with our comprehensive training. Elevate your career and passion for beauty at LUXE.

2 Days class : $1000

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