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Unveil Your Radiance: Where Beautiful Skin Begins

Radiant Skin: The canvas of beautiful skin is the foundation of self-assurance. Our skincare specialists are passionate about unveiling your skin's inherent radiance. Through custom treatments, nourishing facials, and advanced techniques, we bring out your skin's natural glow. Our commitment to creating a peaceful environment ensures that every skincare session is not just a treatment but a rejuvenating experience that restores both skin and spirit.

 Platinum DermeLuxx Hydrofacial: 80 mins of pure bliss for $185

This advanced 3-step treatment exfoliates, extracts, hydrates, and tones. Say goodbye to congestion, hello to reduced pores, and a nourished, youthful complexion. Enjoy dermaplaning, LED treatment, and a complimentary arm and hand massage. Elevate your skincare routine and book now for radiant results.

KingsMan Facial $140

Experience the epitome of luxury with our "King Facial." This 50-minute treatment combines the power of our Hydrofacial with the art of relaxation. Indulge in exfoliation, hydration, and the ultimate pampering as you enjoy a shoulder, neck, and arm massage. Elevate your skincare routine and treat yourself like royalty. Book now for a truly rejuvenating experience

Virtual consult: 30 mins $50

Includes an hour of my undivided attention via FaceTime or Zoom. We will dive into all things skin including your current skin care routine, skin goals, currents meds, lifestyle, acne triggers, etc. During our time we will team up to create the best skin care treatment plan for your skin type and skin concerns.

The Goddess Premium Signature Facial: 75 minutes: $180 *Great for all skin types and first time clients!*

This customized treatment includes a thorough skin analysis followed by deep cleanse, dermaplaning, professional peel, extractions, high Frequency, professional treatment mask, LED therapy, ice globe massages, shoulder, neck, and complimentary arm massage. This facial includes several modalities that leave you with immediate results and little to no downtime. to take home for extra healing energy 

Microneedling 75 mins: $199 

One treatment of microneedling replaces the collagen your skin loses in a year, making it an effective anti-aging treatment. It is also great for scarring, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, tightening, hyperpigmentation, and pore appearance. A topical 5% numbing cream is applied for comfort. You will see the best results 30 days after treatment, as one treatment continues to work for 30 days post treatment. This advanced form of microneedling is the most effective and non-invasive skin rejuvenating procedure that produces both corrective and anti-aging results. The therapeutic treatment activates your body’s natural cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin while minimizing many common skin problems such as acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. Best done in a series of 3-5  *Requires consultation and prep.*


* 4 Platinum DermaLuxxe  Hydrafacials:  $592 (save $148)

* 4 BioRevPeel: $ 960 (save $240)

* 4 Microneedling:  $636 (save $160)



LED Therapy: $30 

Knesko Nano Gold Repair Mask $50

Dermaplaning: $40

HydroJelly Mask: $40

Lymphatic Drainage: $50

Express DermeLuxx Hydrofacial: 50 mins $150

This is a great treatment to do on a monthly basis to maintain glowing radiant skin. Dermaluxx HydroFacial uses an advanced technology, in a 3 step process: exfoliate, hydrate, and tone.  This facial does not require any prep or downtime.Great for all skin types all year long.


The most innovative and popular treatment in the industry right now. 

Benefits: No Peel, No Pain, No Downtime

BioRePeel Treats: Acne, Scarring, Redness, Pigmentation, Fine lines/Wrinkles, Rosacea, Texture, Unclogs the skin and reduces pore appearance

Key Features: 35% TCA peel, Safe for, all skin types, Can be used year-round. 

Signature Classic Facial: 50 mins $135 

Includes a customized and relaxing experience to heal and rejuvenate the skin through a deep double cleanse, exfoliation, shoulder and neck massage, masking and a complimentary arm and hand massage. This classic facial leaves you and your skin feeling relaxed, enhanced and on the path for maximized results. Great for all skin types. See additional enhancements below.

Dermaplaning & Rose Quartz Facial:  60 mins: $149: 

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses a specialized blade to remove dead skin and hair. This treatment aims to give the facial skin a smooth, youthful, and radiant appearance. Removing dead skin can assist with dry skin buildup, sun-damaged skin, and small wrinkles. Treatment includes: Double cleanse,  dermaplaning, hydrating enzyme mask, HydroJelly Mask, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. See enhancements below

Acne Facial: $130 

Perfect for anyone that is suffering with acne or is acne prone. This includes the use of professional products targeting acne breakouts, preventing future acne; while also providing you the knowledge to keep acne under control. This facial includes a deep cleanse, enzymes, extractions, high frequency, oxygen therapy, and LED treatment. This treatment will deep clean, extract, and soothe any acne lesions. Strong home care is always recommended to get the best results. We can always add additional options such as lymphatic drainage to help detox the skin, or hydrojelly mask for hydration. See Add ons below

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage $150: Perfect for anyone, but especially those with excessive fluid retention and pre/post surgurey. Benefits include: relaxing tension and wrinkles, increasing microcirculation, boosting healing and rejuvenation. Also improves lymphatic drainage through cell repair and regeneration and by reducing fluid build up, puffiness, and acne inflammation.

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